Houston, TX, USA

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Get a new perspective

Google Maps is great, but the images tend to be at least a couple of years old and lack the resolution for doing real work. We can make up to date maps which will allow you to get a new perspective on things with accurate, high resolution, georeferenced imagery. Meaning you can accurately reference your map and use it as an overlay in many GIS systems or Google Earth.

Stockpile Volume Measurement

We can make measuring and tracking stockpile volumes quick and easy. The measurements can be made directly from your web-browser once we upload our data. Volumetric measurements can be stored to track progress over time.

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) 

The normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) is a simple graphical indicator that can be used to analyze remote sensing measurements and assess whether the target being observed contains healthy vegetation or not. We can stitch, catalog and annotate NDVI maps.

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